5 Strategies to Cultivate Brand Awareness

In recent years we’ve seen people turn to ad blockers or fast-forwarding through TV spots which makes it a no-brainer why many brands are seeking experiential marketing approaches now.

Aside from the fact that it builds brand loyalty through lasting client relationships, it may be the only chance your brand has to engage with customers.

Traditional advertising isn’t pulling people in the way it used to, but many organizations are seeing success with experiential strategies. If that’s what you’re in the market for, then have a look at some of our tips for getting noticed.

1. Publicity Stunts

 Publicity stunts are low cost and creative, you have the element of surprise and can outshine the competition. You have the bonus of free PR that will surely come from people who will share live streams or photos of the event in real time.

2. Product Sampling

 People love samples—no matter how small. It’s a great opportunity to get feedback while driving sales.

3. Leafleting

 Supplement events with handing out leaflets. Studies show that people are likely to hang on to leaflets or pass it on to a friend who they feel could benefit from the content.

4. Interactive OOH Advertising

Out of home media or outdoor advertising (OOH) requires special planning and precise execution. People often only give a few seconds attention to billboards and other mediums so choose wisely and don’t bombard or clutter your message.

5. Pop-Ups

Pop-ups allow consumers a real-world location and immersion experience with a brand. Pop-ups are exciting for consumers and allow the brand to test drive a location and products.

Before jumping into any of these strategies consider who you’re trying to reach. You want an experience that is worth sharing—make sure to create strong impressions, interactive experiences and emotional connections between your brand and your consumers.

Improving your credibility and influence can give you a great opportunity to showcase why your brand is unique and recognizable.

Experiential marketing is an exciting venture, but if you pull the trigger without the right planning, it could all backfire. That’s why you should seek our help.

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5 Strategies to Cultivate Brand Awareness
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