Dos and Don’ts of Experiential Marketing


Create a Memorable Experience

A memorable experience for your consumers requires that you interact and engage with them.

Your consumers aren’t there just for you to talk to them. Experiential marketing means you get your consumers to participate in some way.

Experiential marketing means you get your consumers to participate in some way.

Involve the Senses

A successful experiential marketing campaign involves as many senses as possible. The more senses you engage, the more opportunities you create for the consumer to remember your brand.

The sensory interactions create emotional connections and stronger memories.

Maximize Exposure

Of course, you want to get the word out as much as possible before your event. But there’s also work to be done during the event to bring in more participants.

Integrate social media into your event to help spread the word about what’s going on. Have people check in to your event online, or “like” your event page, for example.

Plan Instant Gratification

Millennials who have grown up with technology tend to be more interested in seeing results immediately, rather than waiting around.

They aren’t as likely to give their information for sweepstakes that claim there will be a winner weeks or months later. Marketing becomes more effective with drawings whose results they can see the same day.

Get Your Consumers to Come Back

That said, the consumers need a reason to return in the future to your brand. You can do more than rely solely on your consumers having a positive enough marketing experience to return to your brand.

Incentives like discount vouchers or membership points can provide additional motivation to get consumers to return.

Integrate Technology

Using technology in entertaining ways can create a surprising and interesting experience for your consumers.

Set up a photo booth or interactive display to encourage your consumers to interact with your brand.



Experiential marketing experiences today are going to involve sharing, especially over social media.

Consumers communicate with each other and seek out information about your brand and products or services online.

This means being even more careful that your advertising is honest, and involving brand ambassadors who have all the answers or know where to find them.

Forget Clear and Measurable Goals

Experiential marketing results can be notoriously difficult to measure, but doing so becomes easier when you have concrete goals. Use metrics to drive your experiential marketing campaign.

Consider goals that revolve around website traffic, voucher redemption, or purchases, or other measurable factors.

Waste Time Getting to the Point

Consumers are faced with nearly constant marketing, all of which competes for their attention. You may have only a couple of seconds at most to catch the consumer’s eye and hold it.

Make sure your experiential marketing campaign accounts for this. You need a simple message that leaves an impression, interesting interactive components that can convince consumers to stick around.

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Dos and Don’ts of Experiential Marketing
We Can Help! Learn more about our experiential marketing program and contact us today to help you!

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