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Also known as engagement marketing, this is a marketing strategy that excites the human senses — it enables consumers to see, taste, smell, touch and hear your products.

Gone are the days when simply renting a booth or displaying a banner at an event was the way to attract consumers to your brand. The most successful marketing strategies today immerse prospects in a brand, engaging them before, during and after events.

The key to a successful experiential marketing campaign is creating memorable, authentic, emotional connections to your brand.

Surprising and delighting your target audience creates a lasting impact, which is often shared with audience members’ social networks — word-of-mouth is by far the most effective influence on buying behavior.

Experiential marketing allows brands to differentiate themselves from their competitors not only in products or services, but in consumer experiences.

The ROI on experiential marketing is proving to be significant for many brands, not just on events themselves, but in the resulting long-term sales.

  • By directly engaging with your products, consumers form an emotional connection to your brand. Consumers feel like “this brand understands my needs.”
  • Experimental marketing is the space where brands and products become embedded in the hearts and minds of consumers. 
  • We offer a variety of Activation Options to provide opportunities for your consumers to connect with your products and services. 

Cause Marketing

If you’re not engaging in cause marketing, you should consider how it could benefit your organization.

As consumers become more aware of inequalities and injustices in the world, they are choosing brands who support social causes over ones who do not. By some estimates, 90% of consumers are likely to switch to a brand associated with a cause this year.

Cause marketing (or cause-related marketing) is a mutually beneficial collaboration between a for-profit organization and a nonprofit. Cause marketing campaigns can include giving a portion of a purchase, buy one / give one, point of sale, “proud supporter,” event sponsorship and more.

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Rite-aid wellness65+ mobile tour

Mobile Vehicle Marketing

Extend your message and access a wider audience using branded mobile vehicles and exhibition trailers. Taking your message on the road allows you to showcase your products directly to your target audience, wherever they happen to be — live events, activations or simply around town.

Whether you’re building brand awareness, promoting a new product, activating a sponsorship, educating or serving the community, promotional vehicles can be an effective way to engage consumers.

Eye-catching, professionally designed graphics capture the attention of drivers and pedestrians alike, — and create fantastic opportunities for one-on-one consumer interactions and memorable experiences.


It’s no longer enough to slap your logo on an event and pay a fee. Today you want to expose your brand via sponsorship in innovative, authentic or fun ways, while still being connected to the event. Even brands that seem unassociated with the event can find common ground such as shared values.

Benefits of sponsorship are many, but highlights include creating positive publicity and generating media coverage, building and enhancing brand awareness, showcasing products, increasing sales and differentiating your brand from your competitors. Via social media, consumers are likely to spread content they encounter at sponsored events, further increasing your visibility.

Whether it’s a music sponsorship, sports sponsorship, charity sponsorship or community event, we can help you determine who to sponsor and handle the logistics.

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Kelloggs crave sampling event

Product Sampling

Research proves consumers are far more likely to buy your products if they have an opportunity to sample them first. Product sampling attracts people to your activation because people like free stuff!

It’s simply not enough to tell consumers your products will taste good, improve their skin or in some way benefit them — by letting them try for themselves, their senses create an emotional connection with your product and brand. Creating an emotional connection is key to securing consumer loyalty to your brand.

Promoting new products can be difficult in a saturated, competitive market, so incorporating product sampling distribution into your marketing campaign can boost success and be cost-effective — let us show you how!

Mobile Marketing Tours

An experiential mobile marketing tour allows you to bring your product to life and take an entire marketing event on the road, including tents, stages, hospitality lounges, interactive games, lighting, video, vehicles and even performers.

Whether it’s following summer musical festivals, concerts, sampling tours, sporting events, outreach  or any other event where you want to connect with your target audience, we help you plan your tour so you are in the right place at the right time.

We facilitate the planning, scheduling, permits, transportation and all logistics for you.

rite aid wellness65+ mobile tour
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Concert Sponsorships / Music Partnerships

Why do people attend concerts, often paying big money for tickets? For the experience — to be immersed in the sounds, sights and overall sensory overload! Concert-goers are energized and happy, which means they are also more open to engaging with your products and sharing their experiences on social media.

What’s more is that research has shown that concert-goers often remember who sponsored the event — and were willing to buy the sponsor’s products during the event. Music partnerships improve your brand’s image with your target audience, often more so than sports sponsorships and TV / award show sponsorships.

Concerts also provide optimum platforms for brands to engage with large volumes of consumers in one place. With a wide variety of music genres and venues, it’s not difficult to find a concert sponsorship that aligns with your objectives and reaches your target market. We can make it happen!

VIP Hospitality

A VIP event — or otherwise dazzling hospitality event — can be a great way for brands to build relationships with new and existing customers. VIP hospitality events must be carefully planned and executed to the minutest detail — even one minor slip can ruin an event and leave a bad impression.

VIP hospitality events allow you to connect with consumers by engaging all their senses — taste, touch, sight, smell and hearing. This is not a time to leave the planning to an amateur — leverage our experience to host an unparalleled event!

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Popups retail

Pop Ups

Pop ups, or temporary retail spaces, can be an excellent way to introduce online products directly to consumers, showcase limited or exclusive products or simply generate buzz —  be where your consumers are, when they are likely to be there.

Advantages of pop up retail activations are they can serve as good testing grounds for new products or locations — or coincide with seasonal or specific events. Since consumers understand pop up retail or dining spaces are temporary, pop ups encourage spontaneous and impulse buying.

Renting space for a short term has become much easier and cheaper, so pop ups are often affordable investments. Leverage our expertise to create the optimum pop up experience!

Special Events

Creating special events that cater to your target audience is one sure-fire way to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Hosting an interesting, fun or otherwise engaging event attracts consumers and provides you with valuable opportunities to make memorable face-to-face connections.

Hosting a special event is also a way to establish your credibility — it demonstrates you care about your customers and you’re willing to spend some money to show it. This helps earn trust and encourage brand loyalty.

Planning and executing special events that come across as authentic and original is our specialty.

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Trade Shows

Similar to how paying a fee to display a logo at an event and calling it sponsorship, simply renting a booth and displaying your materials at a trade show isn’t enough.

Trade shows offer opportunities to build brand awareness, introduce products and create memorable experiences for consumers by entertaining, impressing and educating them. Unlike some other events, trade shows have the added bonus of attendees being “pre-qualified” — they usually are your target audience and expect to learn about new products, services and brands.

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